Online Education Classes for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in A Modern Workplace

A Unique Approach Rooted in History & Focused on the Present and the Future

ITBOM™ Training & Consulting designs "Bespoke" approaches focusing on the issues vital in your industry and connecting those issues to systemic equity, organizational and cultural redesign. 

ITBOM™ Training provides the online education organizations need. From equity onboarding for leaders of color, to training all the staff to be ready to be part of a diverse team.

Origins: Why We Talk About Race

Establishing a foundational understanding to form the basis of all of our conversations and awareness.

All of our trainings start with this Origins course. Here we lay out the foundational knowledge of why we are having these conversations and why they are important for all employees.

This course is included in all packages. For educational institutions and students, it is available as a stand alone course.

EEO: A comprehensive overview

Just Released as an individual course

Whether you need a refresher or a complete overview This survey course on the Equal Employment Opportunity Laws (EEO) will place the EEO in its historical context, explain how and to whom it applies and describe how it should be one of the tools to help move your workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals forward. This will be the foundational training to complement other state or federal-compliant training.

This is suitable for executives, managers, and staff, as well as ERG groups, DEI committees, and steering committees.

Explore Our Full Suite of Trainings

More than providing a course or two. ITBOM delivers a full suite of Trainings ready for your whole organization. We host a personalized branded learning platform for companies that sign for a 3 year or more license. Licenses are structured to match the need for your size of organization.

Diversity Training courses cover topics such as cultural competence, unconscious bias, and microaggressions. It is designed to help employees recognise and appreciate the value of diversity in the workplace. 

Our Inclusion Training courses help employees to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and respected. It covers topics such as active listening, teambuilding, and conflict resolution. 

Custom Onboarding can also be arranged through our office for our Full Suite Package with a 3 year license and above.

Sample Video: From our Unconscious Bias Course.

Coaching & Speaking

Frame the conversation differently

Coaching can be a powerful and effective method that helps leaders, and their teams arrive at solutions instead of being told the steps they should take. Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the 'here and now' rather than on the distant past or future.

With coaching, the leader, team, or any “coachee” — sets their own agenda and desired outcomes, and the professional coach helps them to co-create an action plan for their goals.

A coaching approach to inclusive leadership development frames the conversation differently than traditional training because it is empowering and focused.

Ms. Dunn is a dynamic speaker who has led many keynotes across the country. If you would like to have her speak at your next event, please reach out to us for more information.
Coaching Mentoring Women Office

Case Studies

In early 2020, business was good for fitness company Barre3

In 12 short years, they’d grown from their original Portland, Oregon, studio to 175 studios across the U.S. and the world. Leadership was taking first steps to fix their diversity, equity, and inclusion problems when a pandemic hit, bringing their brick-and-mortar businesses to a halt. Survival took precedence, and the DEI initiative went on hold. But the world turned upside-down again with the murder of George Floyd and the uprising that followed. In the midst of a reckoning around race, Barre3 leadership concluded that, despite uncertainty, they were going all in to address an entrenched culture.

Yvonne Wassenar

CEO, Puppet

I love working with Shari. She has a very direct and empathetic way of engaging on very challenging topics.

She’s done a very good job helping provide some practical frameworks and ways to engage and show up differently on a daily basis.

In the one-on-one consulting and coaching she’s done with me and my team, she’s been able to provide tailored perspectives and feedback that meet people where they are, so they can get to that next spot on the journey. She’s able to appreciate that people are all starting in different places and to meet them there. The goal is about progression, not judgment.

She has some very practical, thoughtful frameworks and techniques that can be integrated into daily behavior that enable us to show up in more impactful ways.

Sometimes you can find people who have a cookbook and they’re just trying to apply the cookbook. Particularly in areas like diversity, equity and inclusion, being able to be more nuanced reflects that you’ve listened to and understand where your client is and where they’re trying to go. It’s part of what makes her so impactful.

Founder & CEO


Shari Dunn

Attorney, news anchor, CEO, professor, thinker, agent of change, and game show winner.

The Beginning

I’ve come a long way from 3322 North 14th Street in Milwaukee, WI. Raised in a working-class, Blue-collar, African-American neighborhood in the industrial mid-west, I am the first in my nuclear family to graduate from college or law school. Through the dedication of my mother, luck and hard work I was able to attend Marquette University, study abroad in Mexico and London and enter the world with the clear understanding that; “I belong in any room that I am in.”


It has been a wild ride with highs and lows! A few stand out moments for me include interviewing civil rights icons, Harry Belafonte and Julian Bond and being a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show and a contestant on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" And the one gift I keep close to my heart is using my legal skills to grant a dying woman her last wish, visitation with her son, nothing will ever matter more to me.

What's Next

I am here to share what I have learned with all those who wish to hear my message(s). We can reinvent our work, ourselves, and our communities. We can innovate, understand, and transform who we are and what we do by excavating our past, holding it up to the light and then charting a new course towards a shared future rooted in understanding.